African golden cat, African tigercat

African golden cat, African tigercat
(Profelis aurata)

Little is known about these nocturnal cats, although they are thought to have only one kitten.

P.a.celidogaster, P.a.aurata

Life span
African golden cats can live for 15 years in captivity.African golden cat

Body length: 61-100cm, Tail length: 16-46cm, Shoulder height: 38-55cm, Weight: male: 11-14kg. The only recorded weight of a female was 6.2kg.

Physical Description
There is considerable variation of the coloration and patterning of the African golden cats coat. It ranges from chestnut brown to silver-grey or totally black. Some individuals have spots all over the body whereas others have spots just on their white belly. They are strongly built with a small head and small ears. The tail is tapered at the tip.

These cats range from Senegal to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya in Africa.

African golden cats live in moist forest and dense scrubland.

An analysis of their scats (faeces) indicate that they mostly feed on rodents, but also take small antelopes, primates (probably injured) and birds.

African golden cats are nocturnal and solitary. They are mainly terrestrial but climb well and spend most of their time in trees. Prey is taken by stalking and rushing.

They are thought to have only one kitten, but little else about their reproductive biology is known.

Conservation status
African golden cats are on CITES: Appendix II and their conservation status is listed by the IUCN as Data Deficient. It is difficult to assess their conservation when so little is known of their biology. They are endangered partly due to deforestation.