Andrew’s Beaked Whale

Andrew’s Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon bowdoini) or the Splaytooth Beaked whale is a species that we have very little information about.  What we do know about the Andrew’s beaked whales has been gleaned from about 20 strandings.


Possibly a sub-species of Hubb’s beaked whale.

Andrew’s Beaked Whale – Life span


Andrew’s Beaked Whale – Statistics

Body length: 4.4.7m, Weight: 1-1.5 tonnes.

Andrew’s Beaked Whale – Physical Description

Andrew’s beaked whales have a dark blue/black body with a white beak and strongly arched mouth-line. The teeth are visible in the middle of the beak and they curve outwards. They often have white scarring and have a small dorsal fin.

The body of Andrews’ beaked whale is rather robust in comparison with other members of the genus. The melon is rather low, and the beak is short and thick. The lower jaw is fairly peculiar in that halfway through it rises up significantly with the teeth extending over the rostrum (beak).

The head also sometimes has a light patch on the sides, more prominent in the males. The male, overall dark gray to black, has a lighter “saddle” marking between the blowhole and dorsal fin on its back. Males also carry scars typical of the genus. Females are slate gray with grayish-white flanks and belly. Cookie cutter shark bites are present in both genders. Females are believed to reach at least 4.9 meters (16 feet) and males 4.5 meters (15 feet). The young are believed to be around 2.2 meters (7.2 feet) long when born.

Andrew’s Beaked Whale – Distribution

Andrew’s beaked whales inhabit the south west Pacific and Indian Ocean. Andrews’ beaked Andrew's Beaked Whalewhales live in the Southern Hemisphere, and the precise range is uncertain. Some 35 stranded specimens have been recorded in Australia and New Zealand, Macquarie Island, the Falkland Islands, and Tristan da Cunha. That range may imply a circumpolar distribution. However, there are no confirmed sightings to confirm this.

Andrew’s Beaked Whale – Diet

They feed on squid.

Andrew’s Beaked Whale – Behavior

Little is known about Andrew’s beaked whales.

Andrew’s Beaked Whale – Conservation status

They are classified as Data Deficient by the 2000 Red List.

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    Whales were a big thing in the 90’s. Now we don’t hear too much about them. The beaked whale looks amazing though!