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Aardwolf Facts

Aardvark Vs. Anteater

Abert’s Squirrel, The Tassel-Eared Squirrel

Indonesian Autumn Adder

The Wonderful Adelie Penguin

The African Ass

The African Buffalo

African golden cat, African tigercat

African Penguin

African Pygmy Squirrel

African Wild Dog

The Alpine Marmot

The Amazon River Dolphin


American Bighorn Sheep

American Bison

The American Black Bear

The American Marten

The Recently Extinct American Mastodon

The American Scimitar Cat

American Water Shrew


Andrew’s Beaked Whale


Antarctic Fur Seal

Arabian Oryx Facts

The Beautiful Arctic Fox in Pictures

Arctic Ground Squirrel

Asian elephant, Indian elephant

The Amazing Galapagos Sea Lion