Animals Are Amazing

What Does it Mean to Have a Memory Like an Elephant?
We know that the crow might be the smartest bird. But what member of the animal kingdom holds the title[...]
Why the Crow Is Considered the Smartest Bird
What is the smartest bird? While opinion may be divided on this issue, research findings suggest that the humble crow[...]
Wombats Are Amazing
Wombats are large, pudgy mammals. They are marsupials, or pouched animals, found in Australia and on scattered islands nearby. Like[...]
Top 5 Friendliest Animals
It’s said that a person’s soul is only fully awakened upon loving an animal. Is your soul awakened? If you’re[...]
The Most Beautiful Animals of the World
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is true in almost all things including animals. There is[...]
Adaptations of Crocodiles
Crocodilians are reptiles, the first of which appeared around 320 million years ago.  Reptiles arose directly from the amphibians, a[...]
Whales seen around the British Isles
One thousand years ago, you could have seen whales in the English Channel. Subfossil evidence suggests that grey whales once[...]
Blue Whale Facts For Kids
The blue whale is the largest animal ever to have lived - bigger, even, than the dinosaurs. Yet they are[...]
The Less Common Subspecies of Cutthroat Trout
The cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii) is a fish species of the family Salmonidae native to cold-water tributaries of the Pacific[...]
Bear Facts
Polar Bear Facts All bears are good swimmers, but the polar bear is the most efficient swimmer. It can swim[...]
Whale Sharks Are Amazing!
Whale sharks are among the most amazing creatures on this planet. Whale Sharks are 40-65 feet long.  Yes, 65 feet[...]
Hooker’s Sea Lions
New Zealand Sea Lions, also sometimes called Hooker's Sea Lions, are the rarest and most vulnerable Sea Lions in the[...]
Hippopotamus Facts and Information
Fun Hippopotamus Facts and Information They weigh in excess of 5,000lbs, so they are more powerful than you think. They can swim[...]
Animals with Kids
Sometimes it is hard remembering what you call the young of certain animals.  We can remember that a cow’s baby[...]
Do Robins Migrate?
The American robin ( Turdus migratorius) is a relatively large songbird common throughout nearly all of North America. Robins can[...]
The Mysterious White Cheetah
The white cheetah may not be a new species, in fact it probably isn't.  Mark Siddall, a zoologist who works at[...]
Animals that start with N
It would be near impossible to name all the animals that start with n. Some of the more popular animals[...]
Some young sloths are so inept that they will frequently grab their own arms and legs instead of tree branches[...]
Porcupine Fish Rescue
It's amazing how some animals will stick together! This Porcupine Fish in Chaloklum Bay, Thailand is one heck of a friend.[...]