All About The Golden Comet Chicken

There are many choices available when you are looking for best egg-laying chicken breeds. One of these options include the Golden Comet Chicken. The Golden Comet is one of the best backward chicken breeds. This article is all about this specific breed and by reading it, you will learn some interesting facts about them.

The Golden Comet ChickenGolden Comet Chicken

The Golden Comet chicken is an unusual breed. They are a crossbreed between a rooster of the New Hampshire breed and a White Rock hen. They are known by several names including Gold Sex Link chickens, Cinnamon Queen, Red Star, and Golden Buff.

The Golden Comet Chicken Appearance

Golden comet chickens have relatively smaller size. A hen weighs about 4 pounds while a rooster weighs about 6 pounds. The color of their feathers is either reddish-brown, golden, or whitish, it depends mostly on the gender. There is usually a single comb on the heads of these birds. They have bright-yellow-orange eyes and a slightly yellowish beak. The legs are either greenish or yellow in color.

Golden Comet Chicken Hardiness

This breed is quite resilient. Warmer climates are best for them. However, they are capable of adapting to other climates as well. These chickens can survive near-freezing conditions easily as long as you have sufficient hay for insulation inside the coop.

Golden Comet Chicken Behavioral Traits

As compared to other breeds, golden comet chickens are more human-friendly. They have a very relaxed attitude. They are good for people who are trying to be a breeder for the first time because they don’t mind being held.

How Many Eggs Do Golden Comet Chickens Lay?Golden Comet Chicken

Golden comets are not used for meat consumption because of their small size. However, when it comes to egg-laying breeds, this is one of the most popular choices. They are great egg layers and can easily be compared to other popular egg-laying breeds such as Rhode Island Red chicken. They start laying eggs when they are as young as 16 weeks. The egg size is usually small at the beginning but it gradually increases as the chicken becomes a full-grown adult.

Chicken Coop Considerations for Golden Comets

In order to ensure a healthier and longer lifespan of this breed, you will need to make sure that the shelter is good.

Following are some tips that will help you build a good chicken coop:

  • Construction Material: No matter what material you choose, make sure that it is not colored with lead paint because it is toxic for the birds.
  • Selecting a Site: Select a site that has good drainage to protect from rains, has partial shade, and offers easy access for providing water, food, and for cleaning.
  • Walls and Floors: You can use concrete, steel, or wood as a material for walls and floors. The choice depends on your convenience and budget. Just make sure that they are built securely. Don’t forget to make sure that the coop has nesting boxes and branch-like structures so that the golden comets can rest and lay eggs.
  • Lighting: Electrical lighting is a recommended choice because it is convenient and also provides warmth to chickens and keeps them from going into a dormant state.
  • Fenced Outdoor Area: A food fenced area around the coop is very important as it will allow the golden comets to have an active life and will offer them the freedom to run around without any risk of being attacked by predators.