Animals Are Amazing

Comparing Small Animals to Their Larger Relatives
Comparing Small Animals to Their Larger Relatives: A Fascinating Look at the Differences and Similarities Have you ever wondered how[...]
The Mysterious White Cheetah
Cheetahs are known for their distinctive spotted coat, sleek build, and incredible speed. But did you know that there is[...]
All About Small Owls
Owls are fascinating creatures that are well-known for their silent flight, unique appearance, and impressive hunting skills. While most people[...]
Is An Elephant a Mammal?
Yes!  An elephant is considered a mammal because it has hair and gives milk and is a vertebrates Many think that[...]
Sandhill Crane
During the summer Sandhill Cranes are far to the north of us, in Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Canada and even as[...]
What Animal Has The Highest Blood Pressure?
The giraffe has always baffled scientists when it comes to its long neck and why it is necessary to have[...]
What Are Pigs Feet Called?
Domestication of Pigs was started in the early 9000 BC. The prime objective behind this action was the deep desire[...]
Extinct Animals Found Alive
The animals that disappeared millions of years ago, and have been miraculously rediscovered in modern times are called "Lazarus species".[...]
The Top Ten Extinct Animals
Life is a gradual process of evolution and extinction. Every species on earth forms an important part of the ecosystem.[...]
The Most Unique Animals in Africa
Africa is a very important continent, it’s where humanity started to exist and it also has some of the most[...]
Why the Housefly is the Most Agile Animal on the Planet
Did you know that the simple housefly is the most agile animal on the planet? A housefly is a tiny[...]
What do Skunks Like to Eat the Most?
The diet for skunks is a combination of plants and animals. Essentially, skunks are omnivores which answers the question: what[...]
5 of the Most Solitary Animals in the World
Just like human beings, there are animals which are gregarious and enjoy being in groups, herds or pairs. Other prefer[...]
What is the Quietest Animal? 
Did you know that the owl can fly so silently that it will be only a few inches from its[...]
What Does it Mean to Have a Memory Like an Elephant?
We know that the crow might be the smartest bird. But what member of the animal kingdom holds the title[...]
Why the Crow Is Considered the Smartest Bird
We've talked about what is the smartest cat but how about the smartest bird? While opinion may be divided on[...]
Wombats Are Amazing
Wombats are large, pudgy mammals. They are marsupials, or pouched animals, found in Australia and on scattered islands nearby. Like[...]
Top 5 Friendliest Animals
It’s said that a person’s soul is only fully awakened upon loving an animal. Is your soul awakened? If you’re[...]
The Most Beautiful Animals of the World
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is true in almost all things including animals. There is[...]
Adaptations of Crocodiles
Crocodilians are reptiles, the first of which appeared around 320 million years ago.  Reptiles arose directly from the amphibians, a[...]