Animals And Humans

Our 50 Best Orangutan Jokes
Why did the orangutan bring a ladder to the bar? Because it wanted to climb up the social tree! What[...]
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Desert Snakes
Rattlesnakes are, of course, the most famous of desert snakes. They are extremely poisonous and are held in well-deserved respect.[...]
2 Reasons NOT to Get a Christmas Pet
Here are two reasons not to get a puppy at Christmas that are not to do with how much a family has[...]
Careers in Animal Behavior
Animal behavior is the scientific study of everything animals do, whether the animals are single-celled organisms, insects, birds, mammals, fish,[...]
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5 Pros of Adopting a Dog
With increasing overpopulation in shelter and rescue organizations scrambling to save animals' lives, there has never been a better time[...]
The Armadillo Lizard Looks Like a Dragon
The armadillo girdled lizard (Ouroborus cataphractus), also known as the armadillo lizard, golden armadillo lizard or armadillo spiny-tailed lizard, is a girdled lizard endemic to desert areas along[...]
What Animals Eat Roses and Other Garden Plants?
Gardening can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your time outdoors.  When we garden we also get to[...]
Just what do you know about the Smartest Monkey in the World?
Going by the name Kanzi, the smartest monkey in the world is a thirty-four-year-old ape. He lives in the Great[...]
The Best Squirrel Feeder and Other Squirrel Questions
Some love squirrels, other hate them.  We here at small animal planet realize that, yes squirrels are rodents.  But how[...]
Here Are 3 of the Dumbest Animals Ever
As much as intelligence is a human standard, animals too can be evaluated on such terms. But just what do[...]
Kindness Towards Animals
Kindness towards animals is one of the greatest deeds you can commit as a human being, it’s also one of[...]
The Educational Value of Woodland Stuffed Animals
There are many reasons why you should consider buying Woodland stuffed animals for your children. It could be a teddy[...]
The American Red Nose Pitbull
American red nose pitbulls are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States of America. They[...]
The Black German Shepherd
There are some distinct variations between the Black German Shepherd and the standard German Shepherd. The Black German Shepherd has[...]
Cats Bring Love to Seniors
 by Julija Televičiūtė The Ohio Alleycat Resource shelter visits nursing homes to bring senior cats and seniors together. Bored Panda[...]
How Do You Spell Hippopotamus?
Hippopotamus is a fun word. Hippopotamus the animal is a little less fun. A Hippopotamus can weigh in excess of 5, 000lbs.[...]
Lion, Without Lioness
By Suvira Srivastav In the dry scrub of Gir National Park in Gujarat, B P Pati, Deputy Conservator of Forests,[...]