Animals with Kids

Sometimes it is hard remembering what you call the young of certain animals.  We can remember that a cow’s baby is called a calf.  A baby sheep is called a lamb, and a tiger has a cub.  But what do we call a baby Roe deer?  Below are animals with kids, or whose young we call kids.

Baby Goats are Called Kids

Goats have been with man for a long time.  The goat was one of the first animals domesticated. It is believed that domestication of the goat took first place in the high areas of the mountains Zagros (between the present Iran and Iraq) some 9,000 years ago, and then spread to other areas.

Female goats are called nannies or does.  The male goats are known as a billies or bucks.  Baby goats are called kids.

Baby Roe deer are Called Kids

Roe deer are a species of deer that are native to parts of Europe. They have been introduced to parts of the world like Australia. The roe deer can be reddish, gray or brown and thrive in cold weather environments.

Female Roe Deer are called does.  Male Roe Deer are known as bucks.  Baby Roe deer are called kids.

Baby beavers are called kits not kids. Baby weasels are also called kits.  Sometimes this is misunderstood as kid. So the two animals with kids are the Roe Deer and Goats.