The Best Litter Boxes For Cats

There are many types and styles for a cat litter box on the market today. No longer must you settle for unsightly open-style litter box or the strong odor of ammonia. This article will discuss the different types and styles that can be found quite easily and tell you about the best litter boxes for cats.

The open-style litter pan is still available for those who desire this type. There are several styles of this type available also. You may purchase a cat litter box that is plain and rectangular in shape with a hooded area or without. The hood not only gives your pet privacy but also helps to control dust particles from the litter and adds a small amount of odor control.

If you want something more stylish than the rectangular box to fit into your décor, you can purchase the best litter boxes for cats that looks like a planter pot and put an artificial plant in the top with the opening facing a corner or the wall hiding the fact that it is for you pet.

Not looking for another plant to accent your house? Consider a best litter boxes for cats cover that resembles a plant stand or add to the furniture of the room with one designed to look like a small storage cabinet.

If you prefer an automatic litter box that will sift the remains into a storage area, these are also available in several styles. Want a litter box cover that will fit into a more retro or ultra modern décor? Consider a robot look-alike litter box or a dome shaped space age look. A standard or automatic litter box with style has now come of age.

Open rectangular, hidden entrance or stylish décor there are many types and styles available today. If you avoided enjoying the love and friendship of cat ownership because of the smell or looks of the open-style pan litter box, there is no longer a reason to be without a feline companionship.