The Best Types of Pet Turtles

Are you thinking of purchasing a pet turtle? There are different types of turtles to choose from. The essential factor to consider is commitment and cost. The turtle can make the perfect pet if you take care of it. They have a hard shell to protect them from injuries because they move slowly hindering their ability to escape. There different types of pet turtles with specific needs and care requirements. The most common species include the red-eared sliders, box turtles, painted turtles, mud and musk turtles and soft shell turtles.

Three Primary Types of Pet Turtles

There are many species of turtles.  Some shouldn’t be kept as pets.  Others make great pets.  Here are the 3 best species of pet turtles.

Red-Eared SlidersBest Pet Turtles

The pet grows up to twelve inches. It is greenish with a bright red stripe behind the eyes. It is an aquatic turtle and an excellent swimmer requiring a water aquarium of 30-50 gallons. Keep the water temperature to a maximum of 86 degrees. A basking site that is easy to climb onto needed at a temperature of 85 Fahrenheit.

The tank should also have an infiltration system to ensure the water is clean. During warm days consider taking it outside so that it can enjoy the sunshine. Also, regular water change is necessary. Feed the red-eared sliders with commercial turtle diet and supplement it with chopped carrots and leafy vegetables. In October the turtle usually becomes inactive and hibernates under water.

Box Turtles

The turtle has non-webbed feet and a high-domed shell. The Box turtle leaves for up to eighty years and grows to a maximum length of six inches. You should purchase one that has been bred and raised in captivity. Take good care of it if you want to make a lifetime pet. Box turtles are terrestrial and require an enclosure like an indoor cage. However, it is beneficial to include a shallow pool with clean water.

The type of pet turtle benefits from a temperature of more than sixty degrees Fahrenheit. You can place a heated stone inside the cage to keep the turtle warm in case the night temperature drops. Line the bottom of the enclosure with a blend of leaf mulch, sphagnum moss, sand and potting soil.

Ensure there is high humidity by lightly misting the substrates each day. It helps prevent the box turtle from suffering from respiratory disorders and dry eyes. Full UV light is also required if the pet is kept indoors. The turtle feeds on different types of insects, earthworms, slugs, grasses, fruits, vegetables and even commercial diets. It also requires fresh and clean drinking water.

Painted Turtles

The painted turtle has an average length of ten inches and lives for up to twenty-five years. It is an aquatic turtle with vibrant yellow, green and red colors. The turtle needs the same environment as the red-eared slider. Maintain a temperature of up to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Also, provide a basking area and full-spectrum lighting. Painted turtle eat aquatic plants, insect larvae, earthworms, crickets and chopped fish and chicken. However, you can supplement the diet with leafy greens and commercial foods.

If you are seriously considering getting a pet turtle please make sure you can care for one.  Turtles can live much longer than many people think.  But if you are a serious pet owner and committed, you’ll never wrong with these species.