The Black German Shepherd

There are some distinct variations between the Black German Shepherd and the standard German Shepherd. The Black German Shepherd has retained its more traditional look of the breed. The Black German Shepherd is larger than the regular German Shepherd and has a much straighter back. It also does not “cringe”, an appearance common to regular German Shepherds. The coat has many variations and can be long or short with a flowing mane, feathering and skirting.

Black German Shepherds have very pleasant temperaments and are very loyal, watchful and self-assured dogs. They very rarely ever back down. These dogs are very trainable and their training should begin when they are very young. The only health problem you must be aware of in a Black German Shepherd is hip and elbow dysplasia. Preventative measures should be taken early on. The Black German Shepherd makes a great family pet, but might be a bit strong for small children.

A Black German Shepherd is a great dog in which to make an investment. These dogs run between eight hundred and one thousand dollars, but are well worth the investment. The darker the coat color and the more luxurious it is, the more expensive the dog will be. Black German Shepherds are the most popular dog in Australia and the Australians don’t think twice before buying one of these dogs. The Black German Shepherd should be easy to find by checking the Internet for reputable breeders. They are plentiful and their litters run up to ten pups each.

Maintaining a healthy Black German Shepherd is fairly easy. He will need plenty of exercise every day, so walking twice a day or having a large fenced in area is recommended. There is more chance of health problems if a Black German Shepherd is confined to a small area. Hip and elbow dysplasia is a common concern with these dogs, but with proper preventative measures the problem can be easily dealt with.

The Black German Shepherd is a dog that can be trained to do almost anything. It has already been used as a disability aid dog. Almost all seeing eye dogs are Black German Shepherds. They work as correctional services dogs and customs dogs.

Black German Shepherds have been used as police dogs, customs dogs, disability aid dogs, correctional services dogs, obedience dogs and companion animals. These dogs are fabulous pets and are hard working dogs. They can be used in almost any environment because they are so versatile and obedient.

They can be trained to do almost anything. They are great with children as long as they are given their boundaries with small children. They are very protective of the children in their home and make great watchdogs.

What can’t this dog do? He is characteristically one of the best dogs on the planet and should be listed as number on the breed list as man’s best friend.