Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain gives your pet a proper source of water. The water moves in a way that will help it drink more, which is vital for its health. The unit is bacteria free and the best solution for your furry friend who is used to drinking water from the kitchen or bathroom sink.

It is also better than using bowls since the pet does not have to drink from stagnant water that is full of dust and bacteria. With the fountain, your pet gets fresh and continuous drinking water, which keeps your pet free from medical issues. It has a five-inch streaming source that flows freely from a spout that allows the pet to drink water from any angle.

The water from the spout falls to a basin where it is recycled back into the system for purifying. This process makes the water safer and healthy for the pet to drink through aeration. It has replaceable carbon filters to clean the water and prevent it from bad odors and taste. The filters are made from non-toxic natural materials such as charcoal or coconut shells. It is an indoor water dispenser that ensures the pet stays hydrated throughout the day.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review Features


  • The continual streaming water from the spout encourages your pet from drinking more water.
  • The ramp and spout are designed to decrease noise and water splash.
  • Patented five-inch free-falling water stream.
  • Replaceable carbon filter that purifies the terrible taste and odor.
  • Pre-filters to trap large particles in water.
  • It operates at a low voltage of 12V with an in-line plug for easy removal.
  • Manufactured from BPA-free plastic.
  • The fountain holds a capacity of 1.47 liters of flowing water.
  • Disassembled for proper cleaning.
  • Rubber feet stop to prevent it from sliding and also reduce noise from vibrations.
  • One-year warranty.


Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review Usage Tips


When installing, have a mat to help stabilize the fountain, which prevents the floor from Drinkwell Pet Fountain Reviewbeing splashed. In addition, purchase enough charcoal for replacements. It is essential to clean the dispenser often. You can buy a cleaning kit to make the work easier. When dismantling the unit, ensure that you put back the motor properly to avoid noise.


Pros of Using the Drinkwell Pet Fountain


  • Has carbon filters to ensure the water is clean and safe for the pet.
  • Pets of all sizes can use it.
  • Built-in reservoir that holds up to 1.47 liters of water.
  • Manufactured from BPA-free plastic that is safe for dishwashers.
  • Circulating water system that eliminates the growth of bacteria and enhances water aeration.


Cons of Using the Drinkwell Pet Fountain


  • The cleaning process can be challenging for some people since you have to dismantle it and clean each part.
  • The filters need to be replaced regularly especially if many pets are using the same dispenser.
  • The motor pump cannot withstand prolonged operations.
  • The flow control knob is very fragile.


Hopefully, you now have all the tips from this Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review to make a sound purchase decision. Keep your pet hydrated and healthy with the best product.  This fountain would make a great gift for any pet.