Electric Cat Litter Box Reviews

What better way to take care of your cat and your home than with a continuous cleaning waste removal litter box system? Never again do that nasty job of cleaning the cat litter box or have that foul smell in your home. We have electric cat litter box reviews that will make your life easier.

You can get the  PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box from your local pet supplies has a constantly turning conveyor that cleans the clumps away and depositing them in a regular plastic grocery bags for easy disposal. We’ve also written about the best litter box for multiple cats.

At first you should stay with your pet until they become used to the new automatic cleaning litter box until your pet is no longer afraid of the moving parts. Even though the PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System is moving very slowly, you may think it isn’t working or about leaving the old litter box next to it for a few days. You may even check to be sure you plugged it in.

Electric Cat Litter Box Reviews

Taking care of a cat is actually so much simpler when you compare it to other pets, especially dogs because you don’t have to deal with problems like dog itchy skin and dry flaky skin dog because cat is the type of animal that loves to stay clean.

Once your cat is comfortable with new PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System, you can remove the old one and plug the new one in for automatic cleaning. The motor is very quiet and the conveyor moves very slowly keeping the litter evenly raked. The indicator light lets you know if the cover is not seated properly because a clump of litter has become lodged and is holding it up.

PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System works for cats up to 12 pounds and older than 6 months of age. The litter box system is not recommended for kittens or cats that have any physical disability because it does have moving parts.

Until the new continuous cleaning litter box is running you will have to clean it by hand. The system has easy assembly for your convenience, uses premium self-clumping cat litter and uses regular store plastic shopping klonopin online bags making it eco-friendly. PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System has low voltage AC adapter so no batteries are required.

The reasonable price of about $100.00 for a continuous cleaning waste removal litter box system is a remarkable value. The PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System comes with a two year warranty and requires the use of self-clumping cat litter.