Should you get a Teacup Yorkie?

A Teacup Yorkie can mean a mini Yorkie, a miniature Yorkie, or a micro Yorkie.  There really is no standard on what makes a Yorkie Teacup a teacup.  Generally this means that the Yorkie Teacups are smaller adults that what a normal Yorkie would be.  But the adult weight can vary from breeder to breeder by a few pounds.

How Big Are Yorkie Teacups?

A “Yorkie” is short for a breed of dog known as the Yorkshire Terrier.  This breed originated in Yorkshire England around 200 years ago.  The legend of the breed is that it was developed to help catch rats in textile mills. But there is some controversy to that story.

The Yorkshire Terrier resulted from the combination of the Scottish Terrier and the English Terrier.  The American Kennel club recognized the Yorkshire Terrier in 1878.  The club lists the Yorkie in the toy group because of its small size.  The Teacup Yorkie isn’t officially recognized because of its small size.

The Yorkie Teacup is simply a smaller version of the Yorkshire Terrier.  There are many that think the Yorkie is a small breed by itself. Must adult Yorkies will weigh no more than 5 pounds as an adult.  A Yorkie Teacup is much smaller. A Yorkie Teacup as an adult should weigh somewhere between 1 and 3 pounds.

Yorkie Teacup Coats

The Yorkie Teacup has a hypoallergenic coat.  This means that breed loses a lot less hair than other breeds and its dander and saliva won’t trigger allergic reactions in most people.  Few breeds have this distinguishment.  Apart from the Yorkie Teacups social and happy nature, the hypoallergenic coat is what many owner prize about the breed.

Yorkie Teacup Temperament

The Teacup might be a small dog but that is about the only small thing about the breed.  They bring big love and companionship.  And they can be very aggressive towards strange sounds, guests, other dogs, and especially the mailman.  They don’t know that they are a small dog when challenged or feel their territory has been encroached on.

Long hours alone can be very detrimental for the Yorkie, especially if it is a teacup. They are a very social dog and, maybe because of their small size, do very well with children. Yorkie teacups do need regular walking or play time.  They don’t need to go far because of their small legs.  But to keep them affectionate and happy they need their exercise.

Yorkie Teacups are almost legendary in the difficulty in getting housetrained.  And they have sensitive digestive systems so getting a healthy dog brand that they like can be a challenge, not to mention expensive.

Teacup Yorkie Health Concerns

Many Teacup Yorkies suffer from hypoglycemia, a disorder that affects the blood sugar levels of the dog. This can be especially true if a breeder hasn’t been careful in the selection of parents.  Apart from Hypoglycemia, chronic pelvic syndrome, heart disease, hydrocephalus, and luxating patella are not uncommon in Yorkie Teacups.  Problems with gums and teeth are also very common

They are also very prone to the cold.  If you own a Yorkie Teacup please make sure he or she is kept warm.

Should You Get a Teacup Yorkie?

Breeding for Yorkie Teacups is a controversial practice and many responsible breeders discourage the use altogether.  There simply are too many health problems for such a small dog. And pregnancy can by very dangerous for a Yorkie Teacup mother.  If you insist on owning a teacup yorkie please make sure you select a good breeder and never go with a puppy mill.  Finding a responsible breeder is extremely important.