How Do You Spell Hippopotamus?

Hippopotamus is a fun word. Hippopotamus the animal is a little less fun.

A Hippopotamus can weigh in excess of 5, 000lbs. They may look cuddly but they are much more powerful than you think.

They can move 30mph and run 20mph, which is incredibly fast for their size. You will probably get nearer you should because you have a false sense of security, thinking “I can outrun that thing. ”

Their front pearly whites can reach practically 15″ in length, so they are essentially small swords, and they can start their mouths wider than just about any other animal.

Their skin is several inches thick, so most guns won’t even penetrate it. The weapon you are carrying for protection is most likely not strong enough to hurt them unless you hit the soft locations (eyes, belly).

They may be extremely aggressive and territorial. Since of their condition and stature, the best method of defending themselves is attacking.
You have a 5, 000+lb animal with bulletproof pores and skin and swords for the teeth that can out run and out swim you.

What Does Hippopotamus Mean in Greek?

The word hippopotamus comes from Late Greek, and is made up of two words, meaning ‘river’ and ‘horse’. So Hippopotamus literally means River Horse.


It may sound wrong but the plural form of Hippopotamus is Hippopotami.

Newborn Hippos

Newborn hippos weight between 55 and 120 pounds. They do look cuddly but that is still bigger than many humans!