How to Choose a Good Dove Proof Bird Feeder?

Are you fed up with doves in your garden and on your bird feeders? Are you considering getting rid of all the bird feeders you have?

Would you like to enjoy feeding your favorite birds without being surrounded by doves?

Therefore, if you want to rebel doves, you need to choose a bird feeder that only fits smaller birds.

In this article, I’ll cover all you need to know about dove proof bird feeders and help you choose a suitable one.

Our Favorite Picks

It’s important to know that the type of feeder you have determines which birds will show to your garden or windows.

The following are the best dove proof bird feeders.

Woodlink Caged Tube Feeder

A caged or a tube feeder provides a secure place to small birds only. This particular product combines both. It consists of a tube feeder and a metal cage that wraps it.


● Has 6 feeding spots
● Takes a good amount of seeds, around 1.25 lbs
● Metal is powder-coated
● Easy to fill and clean
● Comes assembled, ready to fill and hang


● A bit overpriced

Droll Yankees Doomed Feeder

The special thing about this particular feeder is its dome. The dome protects both the birds and their seeds from rain and bigger birds.

Moreover, the dome can be controlled through the rod. You can simply move it up or down to determine the size of birds allowed.


● Takes up to a pound of food
● Has drainage holes so the food is kept fresh
● Provides unobstructed viewing so you enjoy seeing the birds
● Can be hung or pole-mounted


● If the dome isn’t adjusted firmly, it can fall and trap the birds

Woodlink Absolute Hopper

When we talk about the absolute hopper we need to mention its durability as it’s made of steel. Moreover, it can take up to 12 pounds of food, so you don’t need to go out during the cold weather every day to add food.

It’s adjusted according to your need to keep away undesired birds. Through its sensitivity settings, you can determine the size and the weight of birds. When big birds land on it, the access to food is cut off.


● Takes large amounts of food
● Easily adjusted to meet your needs
● Large size
● Keeps food dry after rain
● Double-sided to attract more birds
● Comes ready and assembled


● Heavy compared to other feeders
● Not budget-friendly compared to other products

Birds Choice Tube Feeder

This feeder has a weather guard part that protects the food and the birds against bad weather conditions. Moreover, this guard can be adjusted to keep larger birds away.

Also through the different ports, many birds can enjoy eating at the same time.


● Has 4 ports of food for different birds.
● Adjustable weather guard
● Easily filled
● Can be cleaned easily
● Has a strong stainless steel hanger


● Has no drainage system
● Some small birds aren’t attracted to it

Nibble bird feeder

If you’re looking for a suitable feeder without having to pay a fortune, this could be the one. It allows you to enjoy seeing the birds eating from the feeder.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about color changes of the feeder because of the UV resistant coating.


● Coated in anti-bacterial solution that protects you and the birds
● Easy to clean
● Small size allows you to locate in anywhere
● Comfortable for birds
● Coated with UV sun-proof


● Doesn’t stand against severe weather conditions and might break

Your Ultimate Guide and Helper

In this part, I’ll help you understand more about bird feeders and their different options. Accordingly, you can determine your needs and what suits you best. Then you’re ready to choose and make a good purchase.

Essential Qualities in a Dove Proof Bird Feeder

The following traits are fundamental to any bird feeder and you should always look for them before making a purchase.

● Feeders with ring pull bottom and detachable parts are the easiest to clean
● Plastic feeders must have metal parts around the feeding areas.
● Wooden parts of feeders must be weather-resistant
● Has a drainage system

Choose Your Buddies

The previous options that we tackled should exist in any bird feeder no matter what type of birds it’ll attract.

Tube Feeders

I find that type is the best if you want to attract only the smallest birds around. The tube feeder is made up of a hollow plastic cylinder that has different feeding areas.

The size of the feeding areas determines the type of seeds used and as well determine the birds attracted.

These feeders attract birds like chickadees, wrens, sparrows, and finches.

Ground Feeders

These types of feeders are located at the ground level and attract many birds like wrens and robins. They attract small birds, however, they also appeal to bigger ones and cats.

If you love these ground feeders for the type of birds they attract but you need to keep doves away, you can use a protector cage. The cage keeps larger birds like doves and pigeons away.

Hopper Feeder

Hopper feeders have a great capacity and take several pounds of seeds. Birds can enjoy eating by hopping on the feeder trigger.

You can either hang it or mount pole it according to your needs. Hoppers attract Cardinals, Goldfinches, Grackles, finches, and titmice.

Nyjer Feeders

These feeders are designed for birds that love the nyjer seeds. These feeders have tiny holes to allow only small-beaked birds.

You can use a baffle to protect it against squirrels or larger birds. They attract Goldfinches, Pine siskins and redpolls.

Nut and Nibble feeders

These feeders attract tits, woodpeckers and birds that cling. The best ones are made from steel mesh that has to be suitable in size to avoid damages and prevents the nuts from being removed.


Is the location of the feeder important?

Yes, because you need to protect the birds against predators like cats and hawks. Moreover, you need to take care of squirrels as they always find a way to reach your feeder.

Is it essential to clean the feeder?

Definitely yes. Your feeder attracts many types of birds and that may spread diseases. You need to clean and disinfect the feeder at least once a month.

Clean the surface with a solution that has one part bleach to nine parts of water. Rinse the feeder too well before adding the food.

How do I keep squirrels away?

Your feeder needs to be at least 5 feet above the ground. Moreover, the baffle is your best friend. If your feeder is pole-mounted hang it below the feeder. If yours is hanging from a tree, put it above the feeder.

You can add some cayenne pepper as it’ll keep squirrels away without harming the birds. Finally, plant some marigolds near the feeder to keep squirrels and cats away.

To Wrap Up

Enjoying the sight of birds is priceless. It’s essential to figure out the type of birds you want to attract, determine their favorite seeds and choose the most suitable feeder.

The Nibble bird feeder is our top pick for many options. This feeder is budget-friendly and will provide you with many options.

It’s coated in an antibacterial solution to protect you and the birds as well.

I also recommend Droll Yankees Doomed Feeder. It’s a great option if you don’t mind the price. Its dome provides protection to the birds, has a drainage system, takes a good amount of food and can be hung or pole-mounted.