Top 5 Friendliest Animals

It’s said that a person’s soul is only fully awakened upon loving an animal. Is your soul awakened? If you’re on your way to awakening your soul, this top five friendliest animals is a great place to start. The overview is not arranged in any chronological order.

Friendliest Animals Number 1 -Hedgehogs – African Pygmy

From their adorable less than 10 inch size to their black and white spikes, The African Pygmy  truly lives up to its title. Exotic animal!  The exotic animal is among the friendliest animals you can come across. It’s got a ninja like defense mechanism when threatened. It forms spines to protect its 2 major parts that make it adorable. The face and tummy. That could probably be the story behind its exotic title. So, how will you know you’ve found yourself a friend in this African hedgehog? When you can rub its tummy and feel its incredible quills.  With the African Pygmy, you’re assured of happier days ahead.

Friendliest Animals Number 2 – Otters

Otters are among the friendliest animals you can come across. From their bubbly personality, thrilling nature to their ability to make you laugh, Otters are quite friendly! They’ll however have to be tamed to count as your friends. Your friendship is bound to grow with your otter during tickling sessions and play time! Yes! Otters love being tickled. If you love water, an Otter will soon become your best friend. It builds slides from natural materials. That way, the 2 of you can easily slide into the water. Awesome, yes?

Friendliest Animals Number 3 – Dogs

The mere fact that they are known as man’s most loyal friends qualifies dogs as the top friendliest animals. Their friendly nature is normally evident!  From kissing, running towards its owner with such bliss to their playful nature, what’s not to love? Amazingly, dogs have a way of uplifting your spirits whenever you’re down. Do you know that therapists recommend having a dog whenever you’re depressed?  Their loyalty and friendship is therapeutic. One could say dogs have souls too!

Friendliest Animals Number 4 -Horses

Their deep incredible eyes, 1200lb bodies and ability to forever remember their human friends is among the reasons a horse is one of the top friendliest animals. With a horse for a friend, you don’t have to express yourself using words. The magnificent friendly animal has the ability to sniff out your sad emotions and make it all better. A friendship between a horse and Man is simply impeccable!

Friendliest Animals Number 5 – Cats

The top 5 friendliest animals list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the cat! This independent, brain smart, entertaining and friendly animal is exactly what every household should have. With a cat for a friend, you’re ascertained of your quality time alone, an instant mood boost and constant entertainment. Be ready to accommodate the constant meow sound.

Friendship is a vital human necessity. The above top friendliest animals can offer you that friendship. It’s wise to however keep your distance when approaching an animal you’re not accustomed to.