Should You Get a Glow in the Dark Dog Collar ?

Imagine not having to worry about your dog getting ran over at night if he were to run across the street for whatever reason. Well now you can have some peace of mind with a glow in the dark dog collar. These collars come in a variety of colors as well as sizes. During the day, they look like an ordinary dog collar but in the dark, they light up making you aware that there is a canine present.

Different Types of Glow in the Dark Dog Collars

Collars come in a variety of styles, it’s the same for glow in the dark dog collars. There are some that have an actual LED light which are brighter and easier to see. You can purchase the ones that come in different colors and you can change the light setting to; steady light, slow flashing light, and fast flashing. These are great to use at night when taking a walk or for any nighttime activity.

Glow in the dark dog collarUSB Rechargeable Waterproof Collar

People are almost guaranteed to see your canine more clearly while they wear a glow in the dark dog collar. So many dogs can be easily ran over at night when a driver is not paying attention or perhaps they couldn’t see the dog. The glow in the dark dog collars vary in price starting at$5.99- $20.99. On Amazon, you can purchase either the LED collars or the nylon glow in the dark ones. They also offer rechargeable LED light dog collars which makes it easier for you to use. There is also the option to have one engraved with the dog’s name and the owner’s phone number.

Illumiseen LED Glow in the Dark Dog Collar

While not all dog collars are made equal, make sure the one you purchase actually lights Glow in the dark dog collarup and is visible in the dark. Personally, I would recommend the Illumiseen LED Collar which is brighter and easier to see, plus you can change the light so that it flashes. But the advantage of the illumiseen dog collar is that during the day it looks like a regular collar. Deciding on which one you want is totally up to you. Sometimes dogs tend to go loose at times and it is dangerous for them to wander off during the night. Having your dog wear a glow in the dark collar makes it safer for them.

I Got My First Glow In the Dark Dog Collar as a Gift

You can probably find these collars at your local pet store but there may not be a huge selection. Let your dog be seen at all times during the night with glow in the dark dog collars. You will no longer have to worry about taking your dog out at night and having him wander off. He will stay safer while wearing a lighted up collar. You can give these as a gift for people you know that also have a dog as a pet. That’s how I got one.  I thought it was a silly gift from my brother.  But I turned out to love it.  I have 3 different types now.

There are a variety of options to choose from if you choose to purchase them online. Also, read reviews and ensure you purchase one that works great and is easily seen in the dark.

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