How much Does a Dog Cost per Year?

It’s important to know what you’re getting into when you adopt a dog. Costs vary a lot depending on your location, what size/type of dog you have, the dog’s individual needs, etc.

The consensus when asked how much a dog costs per year is somewhere around $1000-1500. Some areas of the country/world have higher/lower vet costs, and many expenses are discretionary. Very active/athletic/high-energy dogs will cost more for any number of reasons.

A typical but minor emergency vet visit (dog ate something he shouldn’t have, allergic reaction to a bite or something ingested, cuts or minor injuries, etc.) in my area will usually run $200-600, depending on tests. Things like these will happen.

A serious injury, planned surgery, significant illness, etc. can be $2000 and up.

Plan and be prepared for the higher range of expenses so you’re not left scrambling and resentful when something comes up

How Much Does a Dachshund Cost Per Year?

I can speak with experience about having a dachshund. My wire haired pointer is still pretty much a puppy, so the jury is still out on her.

I used to have is a 16 lbs. dachshund who was extremely tough on toys and got bored with the few he didn’t destroy.  He also took a lot of training (which means a lot of treats) and had seasonal allergies. His budget looked something like this:

  • license: $20 per year.
  • food: $13 per month.
  • treats: $15-$25 per month.
  • chews [predominantly bully sticks]: $20-$40 per month.
  • toys: $25-$75 per month.
  • poop bags: $20-$30 per year.
  • flea/tick/heartworm prevention: $125-$150 per year.
  • annual exam: $40.
  • vaccinations: $100-$200 depending on what he’s due for that year, if anything.
  • cytopoint injections: $100 per visit [exam fee plus medication cost], currently planning for every six weeks during the spring/summer/fall but may be more or less frequent.
  • irregular vet costs such as bloodwork before beginning new medication, emergency visits [he’s been attacked by other dogs], etc, have typically ranged from $300 to $800. we haven’t had any major medical emergencies/surgeries/etc.
  • irregular minor costs like new harnesses/collars/leashes/tags, sweaters/coats, beds, shampoo/conditioner, etc, usually add at least another $100 to the yearly total.
  • irregular not-so-minor purchases, like his fitbark and cleverpet, have added another $400 or so to the last couple of years combined.
  • regular costs that don’t usually stand out can can easily add another couple hundred to the yearly total. for example, gas and parking to take him for walks in various parks, typically within a 30 minute drive from home, to keep things interesting for him.

So on our average he was at least $1000/year, with some years being upwards of $2000.  Dachshunds are much smaller than many breeds, and things like vet costs may vary based on location.

How Much Does a Big Dog Cost Per Year?

Ignoring all the vaccines you will have to pay for the first year, and their reminders, and all the one time purchases (crate, bed, initial health check ups, name tags, license fee, dog sitter for vacation) here is the monthly breakdown for a big dog:

  • Food: $800. $50 – 70 a month sounds like a lot to me but I’m told it’s typical for a big dog.
  • Vet visit fee: $65 (this is just a fee that you pay to the vet every time you go, and you pay for medication on top of this)
  • Heart worm: $15
  • Flea and ticks: $10
  • Classes: $120 since I go to two clubs — these are drop in rates for advanced classes at both, basic obedience classes are a bit more pricey. Yearly member ship fee at clubs: $100
  • Treats: varies, but about $130-$200
  • Toys or new leashes: $80 but varies
  • Books (If a first time owner): $25
  • Online classes: $65 per class, but each class lasts a few months
  • Grooming: varies, but roughly $75 every few months. If you have a longer haired dog and fancier poodle it can go up to $200, and you may need a mutli-day appointment for very elaborate hairstyles. We do a basic puppy cut so it’s cheaper.
  • Chews: $20-30
  • Insurance: $30-40
  • Dog sitter: $45

Expect to spend at least $1,500 for a big dog each year.