What Are the Most Popular Zoo Animals?

Regardless of your age, you definitely want to visit a zoo from time to time. The reason why you want such a thing is that you get to see a lot of beautiful animals. You get to do this, all while being able to relax and enjoy your time in a pleasant location! That being said, did you ever wonder which are the most popular zoo animals out there? We created a list to help you figure out which are the most popular zoo animals and why you should enjoy seeing them!


You can find lions in just about any zoo nowadays. The reason why that happens is that they are majestic, they look great, and they give that sense of strength and courage. They are also popular among kids, as they allow them to think forwards and with more confidence.

The price of admission for a zoo in 18th century England was a dog or a cat — they were fed to the lions.


Although the bear population is rather low nowadays, you can find plenty of them in zoos all over the world. Bears are cute, although they can be very deadly. That’s why they tend Most Popular Zoo Animals - Bearto have some very large cages with lots of security around them.

A bear cub named Winnipeg was exported from Canada to the London Zoo in 1915. A little boy named Christopher Robin Milne loved to visit Winnipeg (or Winnie for short) and his love for the bear cub inspired the stories written by his father, A.A. Milne, about Winnie-the-Pooh.


The cheetah is one of those animals that will impress you right away. It’s the fastest animal in the world, and it has an amazingly looking fur. If you love animals in general, then visiting cheetahs at the zoo can be an amazing experience.


Monkeys are indeed some of the most popular zoo animals. Just about every zoo has them, and they look nothing short of amazing. Sure, there are lots of different species, but there’s no denying that monkeys, in general, tend to be the primary attraction for any zoo visitor.

In the elections for mayor of Rio de Janeiro in 1988, the population was so unhappy with politicians that a well-known monkey of the local zoo received over 400k votes.


Thanks to their colorful design and unique appearance, zebras have managed to become one of the most popular zoo animals out there. Kids love them and adults also tend to appreciate the way these animals look as well. One thing is certain; these are some outstanding animals that you will enjoy visiting regardless of the situation.


Most Popular Zoo Animals - MeerkatsMost of the time, you will find a group of meerkats at the zoo. The idea here is that these are social creatures, so taking them outside of their group would lead them to death. That’s how important it is for them to have a society, and the interesting thing is that each meerkat has its role in the group.


Despite being some of the most dangerous animals on the planet, tigers tend to be some of the greatest and most beloved zoo animals. They are outstanding, majestic and just a pleasure to look at.

The late musician Jeff Buckley(Grace, Hallelujah) is buried at the Memphis Zoo. His memorial marker is located overlooking the Sumatran Tigers.

Zoos Are Full of Amazing Animals

Yes, there are plenty of amazing animals that you can find in any zoo nowadays. If you love animals in general, then you should consider checking out your local zoo or a neighboring one. You are going to appreciate our planet even more, and you will even gain a lot of respect for the various creatures that you can find all around us. Plus, visiting these most popular zoo animals will offer you a great way to rethink your ideas about how powerful humans are on this planet!