Two of the Easiest Dog Tricks

There are hundreds and many different versions of dog training tricks out there, some being just basic commands, while some others represent complex exercises. These tricks while can be great fun to teach your dog, in principal they can also be complement as effective obedience and behavior training lessons for your dog.

Make Sure Training is Fun for You and Your Dog

To help your dog to learn any dog training tricks effectively, it is important that both you and your dog are having fun when you are doing this. Furthermore, do note that no matter what dog training tricks you intend to teach your dog, the learning location must be quite so that it will not distract your dog’s attention. Any dog training exercise must also contain as many rewards as possible since it will serve as good motivation to keep going.

Do take note that dog training tricks require a longer time interval to be taught, therefore do not push it too hard as forcing your dog to learn too fast is almost impossible for any animal. Raising your voice won’t make the dog understand what you want, instead it will just get scared. Don’t let your dog lose interest; simply stop when you feel tired or when you sense that your dog is getting frustrated.

Getting Your Dog to Shake Hands

For starters, one of the best dog training tricks that everybody knows and likes is the “Hello” or “Hand Shake”. Almost everyone will be impressed when your dog presents the paw out for a shake as a form of greeting. This is one of the first dog training tricks you can teach your pet.

To begin: Make your dog sit in front of you, lift its paw gently and shake it easily, when you shake its paw reward it somehow. Repeat this dog training trick procedure constantly and don’t let it go unnoticed no matter the results. After the dog has learned to raise the paw when you stretch your hand in front, start repeating the word “Hello” each time the dog presents its paw. Though it is a simple dog training trick it always brings a smile on the face of any visitor and especially children, they will simply love it instantly.

Getting Your Dog to Carry

Another dog training trick is the “Carry” command; it is both funny and useful. Most dogs love carrying bags and though it might look like a difficult trick to teach your dog, it is however not. The learning process consists of three steps:

First, the dog will get used to “Hold” things and not the ones it likes but any object. Each time it takes the object from your hand reward it. After it got used with this command try the “Release” order and give it a reward (or marker if you use dog marker training) each time it drops the object in your hands. The last step of this dog training trick consists of teaching the dog to effectively carry a bag; this is simply learned by commanding the dog to hold an object while moving several steps. Call it and when it’s near you give the “Release” command.

Get yourself a Glow in the Dark Dog Collar

Useful Dog Commands

The most useful command I have taught my dog is hands down “Game Over”, which started as a command of “We are stopping this game now”, which means that my border collie mix will instantly stop pestering me (or anyone who says it) to play with his toy, and will go lay down/sleep/whatever. However, since then I have extended it to mean “The End of whatever you are doing right now”. Immediately stop begging for a treat because you definitely are not getting one. Training session over. Stop pining to say hi to that dog because we are definitely not going over there. Anything really.

It’s a hugely hugely useful command to have your dog just quit trying whatever they were attempting and go lie down. The best thing? I never used specific training sessions to teach it. I just used it regular life and then was 100% consistent in following through with stopping that activity. He figured the rest out pretty easily himself. Right this very second, I am using one of his balls to roll the bottom of my foot (plantar faciitis). This is hugely exciting to him (moving ball being “kept away” by my foot) but I told him “Game Over” so now he put himself in his crate and started napping.

Other useful commands my dog knows:

“In Your Crate” Puts himself in his crate and stays there with open door until released

“On Your Mat” same as crate, but extended to ANY dog bed/rug/mat I point to, including at stranger’s houses. I can leave my dog on “his mat” for hours at my Mom’s house (who hates dogs and does not want him walking around the house) and he won’t move from it until released.

“Close the door” This one is just great when I am lazy in my room and don’t want to get up. Door has to be pretty close to closed for him to get it though. If it’s over half, he’ll get on the wrong side and open it more xD

“Bring it here” Brings me anything I point to. Still working on this one though, he’s really good with some items such as his leash, but if there is a toy nearby and another object I’m pointing too, he’ll usually bring me the toy first. Still, if I were to somehow collapse on the floor, he could probably bring me something I needed, even if it took him bringing me 10 other objects first