What is the Best Flooring for a Dog Kennel?

There are a few trains of thought on what to put on the bottom of a dog kennel. And if goes without saying that if you are a dog owner, you are definitely aware of the problems of cleaning a dirty dog kennel. Us dog owners are always in search of finding easier ways to clean are dog kennel. Some dogs are dirtier than others.  But cleaning a kennel applies to every breed of dog. So let’s talk about what’s the best flooring for a dog kennel.

In this article, we have created a list of the best flooring for dog kennels.

  • DuraGrid Deck Tiles

In our opinion, it’s hard to beat DuraGrid tiles. These simple tiles are the best option to keep your dog kennel clean. The tiles are easy to use. They are easy to wash. And they give a great look to the kennel. The best thing about DuraGrid tiles is that they last longer than any other flooring because they are UV resistant. Most kennel flooring has a pretty short life.  This is especially so if they are used outdoors.

A huge bonus is that anyone can put them together. There’s no professional carpet or flooring guy that you need to call. You can install them easily in no time.

And a huge bonus is that the DuraGrid deck tiles are made to be slip-resistant.  That doesn’t mean you won’t slip on them if you grease them up in butter.  But normal rain, snow, dew extra will keep you and your pet from slipping around the kennel.  It’s really the best of both worlds – easy to clean and not like normal tiling that is “slippery when wet”.

  • Non- Slip Dog Pads 

The DuraGrid tiles work great for outdoors but might not be the best fit for the indoor kennels.  For indoor dog kennel flooring, non-slip pads are the best option. These pads are originally designed for training puppies, but they can also be used for trained dogs.  Most dogs will go sometime without accidents.  But sometimes when locked in a kennel for an extended period, accidents will happen.  Plus food and water gets spilled routinely in kennels.  Heck, this happens with humans.  Of course it’s going to happen with pets!

Non-slip dog pads are durable and can be easily washed in a machine. They are better than regular diaper cloths because they have a rubber back that keeps pee or other liquids from your floor.

A big bonus of the dog pads is how soft they are. These pads are also convenient as they protect your little buddy’s paws. 

  • Artificial Grass Kennel Flooring

Artificial Grass Flooring in a dog kennel can bring a fresher and new look to it. This is next level flooring and not recommended for puppies or animals that will spill.

The grass is super easy to install and you can cut it into any shape you want.  The only thing that is not good about artificial flooring is that you cannot clean it easily. If the drains are not properly installed, it can smell really bad. You must wash it often to prevent any foul smell. And speaking from experience, cleaning it was tough!  It also took a pressure washer.  Definitely a nice look though

  • Kennel Deck Revival Flooring System

Kennel Deck Revival Flooring system is suitable for bigger and heavier dogs. They are easy to clean because they are raised higher off the ground.  This flooring system is for the Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Corsos, Mountain Dogs, etc.  I guess it could also work if you have a pet mountain lion.

If you have one of these bigger dogs or happen to live in a colder climate, the raised decks are for you. These decks aren’t in contact with the cold and wet ground, they are much warmer for your furry children to be more comfortable whilst they are in the kennel. Kennel Decks can also be easily installed on the uneven grounds. 

  • Washable Pee pads 

If you new in the dog game or have a puppy that you know is going to pee, andare in search of comfort and warmth of your pet, you should select washable pee pads. These warm and quilted dog pads are very comfortable and warm for the pets. 

The pads come with three layers. The top layer is for keeping your dog warm and comfortable. The second layer is designed to absorb pee. The layer at the bottom keeps your floor protected from the liquids. 

  • Deck Tiles

Deck tiles are the most beautiful flooring that also have excellent draining skills and are surprisingly cheap. In addition to this, your pet will be comfortable walking on the deck tiles. 

There are many other flooring options for your dog’s kennel. But you might have a question in your mind that: How can you select the best flooring for your dog kennel?

You must know that indoor and outdoor kennels require different flooring. Therefore, select the right flooring for indoor and outdoor kennel. Moreover, you must keep in mind the drainage system of the dog kennel. Last but not the least, always remember your convenience and the comfort of your pet.