The Smartest Cats in the World

Cats are some of the most intelligent animals out there. Birds are smart too but cats are resourceful.  They evolved from cats that survived almost solely on their speed and cunning.  Although the domesticated cat may be much different from the big cats that they evolved from cats are no dummies.

Cats also know how to defend themselves against any potential challenges and problems that may arise. The smartest cat breeds tend to have even more impressive capabilities when compared to other breeds. You can find a smart cat in just about any breed.  But below are some of the most recognized as the smartest cats.


Smartest CatsThe Abyssinian cats have perfect communication skills, and at the same time, they are known to offer and receive a lot of attention. They also have a great memory. As a result, they know where items are located. You will even see Abyssinians open doors very often, there are ample YouTube clips to prove it. It’s easy to see why a lot of people call them the smartest cats out there.


Yes, Siamese cats are also extremely intelligent. They can easily recall the location of food or where treats are kept. Siamese are known to remember human voices for a very long time as well. Siamese cats are also easy to train if you want a cat that can do simple tricks.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold breed has a rather unique and distinct personality. It’s very confident, but at the same time, it can also recall the location of various items and so on. Moreover, it has amazing non-verbal skills, and it likes to travel with you. This can will also perceive a lot of gestures, so you can easily communicate with it even if you can’t say anything.


Persian cats look great but their primary strength is their fast perception and reaction time. Persian cats are very cautious.  They are some of the first animals that can feel danger like an oncoming earthquake. It goes to show the carefulness, agility, and unique intelligence that Persians have.

Cornish Rex

Even if this is a fun and loving breed, this is also a cat breed that’s ready to adapt to any challenge and situation. On top of that, it’s known for the fact that it has some expert communication skills. This is a graceful cat and one that will always avoid destroying your fragile items.

Turkish AngoraSmartest Cats

The Turkish Angora is a very popular cat breed. They are known being very physically fast. But they are also clever, to the point where it can easily adapt to almost any situation. They can open drawers and cabinet doors and even figure out simple puzzles. That’s how smart this cat breed is.

Yes, there are many smart cats out there, but these breeds tend to impress a lot when it comes to their abilities to communicate and remember things. If you want a smart cat, then you want to opt for any of the breeds listed above, as they are nothing short of outstanding, that’s for sure! Plus, most of these breeds are very loving, and they will always stay near you and even comfort you when necessary!